BTS’ Love Yourself 承 Her Album Review

BTS Love Yourself Her album coverThe Love Yourself  ‘Her’ album was first released on the 18th of September 2017 and is the first of three albums in the Love Yourself trilogy.

The album features eight songs and one skit, including a solo intro from member Jimin, a vocal line song and an outro from the rap line.

The album’s concept largely focuses on the positive, happy and somewhat clichéd parts of love, but also tackles some more serious social issues and includes two diss tracks.

note: all music videos and live performances in this video come with English subtitles, so please click the caption button if you wish to view these.

If you want to know what my ratings mean please refer to this. NOTE: I rate out of 5, however there are 7 levels (5,4,3,2,1,0, N/A).

TRACK 1- Intro: Serendipity

Intro: Serendipity was first released on the 4th of September 2017 as a trailer for the ‘Her’ album and features member Jimin.

  • sweet, ballad-like chill-pop song
  • clear and pure vocals with a minimal instrumentation
  • beautiful tone of voice which helps express the meaning of the song

The universe has moved for us, without missing a single thing, because our happiness has been planned”

The song perfectly introduces the theme of this album and talks about a love which has saved the narrator’s life and brought him joy and which he believes to be ordained by the universe.

4 microphones out of 5
Overall, the song has a gorgeous song which I would happily listen to forever, but the lyrics are quite clichéd. Hence, I give it a 4/5 rating.

Did you like this song? Check out this clip of Jimin singing the song a cappella!


DNA is the title track off of this album and was also the song they performed at the AMAs in 2017.

  • bright, poppy sound with some EDM influence
  • not my preferred style of music

However, I do want to commend both V’s opening verse (0:44) for his gorgeous low voice, and Suga’s rap sections (e.g. at 2:00), which I absolutely loved.

“Our encounter is a mathematical formula, the law of religion, the ways of the universe”

DNA talks about a universe-ordained love. Despite exploring the same theme as Intro: Serendipity I found the lyrics of DNA more cringe-worthy and cheesy, perhaps because the song lacks the simplicity and sincerity of Intro: Serendipity.

1.5 microphones
Overall, I didn’t like this song a lot simply because it’s not a style of music I enjoy listening to. However, if you are a fan of upbeat and cheesy pop with an EDM influence, then this may well be the song for you.
The lyrics don’t do anything for me, but the parts which I pointed out earlier that I did really enjoy raised the rating of this song from a 1/5 to a 1.5/5.

Want to listen to the full song? Check out this live performance!

TRACK 3- Best of Me

Best of Me is a b-side track off of this album for which The Chainsmokers helped produce the beat.

  • features The Chainsmokers, and the beat sounds like a Chainsmokers beat
  • too repetitive, cliched and predictable
  • really not for me

“It was raining, it was snowing, but all unhappiness stopped, you brought heaven to me”.

Best of Me is a cheesy love song.

Unfortunately, some of the lyrics in this song just irk me. For example the line “because without you there’s no me” . I hate the romanticising of love that is just so overwhelming that you forget who you are as your own person.

It is important to retain a sense of self and individuality in a relationship and, like many love songs, Best of Me seems to have fallen in to the trap of taking love and passion too far. Apart from this, it’s also a massive cliché and not at all original or interesting.

0 microphones
Overall, even though EDM is not my type of music, I don’t think this is a particularly good EDM song either. Additionally, after looking at the lyrics I began to dislike this song anymore, resulting in me rating it 0/5. 

Did you like this song? Check out this lyric video. 

TRACK 4- dimple

dimple (also known as Illegal) features all four vocalists of the group: Jungkook, Jimin, V, and Jin.

  • future bass sound (EDM/pop sub-genre)
  • not a massive fan of the instrumentation
  • actual melody not pleasing, don’t enjoy the interjections (e.g. at 1:55) as they break the flow of the song

“That dimple is illegal”

The lyrics are quite boring and typical of a cheesy love song. It’s also repetitive with not much variation except for two small sections, which often puts me off a song.

I don’t know whether puns like “I call you illegirl” made this song better or worse, although they are funny in a dad-joke type of way.

1 microphone out of 5
Overall, the song was just whatever and quite easy for me to overlook. I expect it could appeal to some people’s personal preferences as it isn’t a bad song, the sound just wasn’t for me and I’m generally not a fan of cheesy or repetitive lyrics. Hence, I give it a 1/5. 

Did you like this song? Check out this 8D version!

TRACK 5- Pied Piper

Pied Piper is a diss tack with a twist: rather than dissing the haters, this song disses the fans!

  • nu-disco sound
  • catchy and repetitive instrumentation
  • high-pitched vocals (e.g. at 2:44)
  • annoying if over-played, otherwise quite fun

“…start studying for the exams, your parents and boss* hate me”

Although BTS has written many diss tracks in the past, this is the first time they’ve written one towards their fans. This song displays the kind of down-to-earth sense of humour which makes everyone fall in love with the members.

3 microphones out of 5 (rating)
Despite my great love for the lyrics, I am only going to give it 3/5 simply because the song itself is not the most listenable. The song is great in small quantities, but if you listen to it too often you could end up with a headache!

Did you like this song? Listen to it on Spotify!

*note: the Korean word 부장님 can mean boss, director (e.g. of a school), manager etc.


This is another diss track, this time targeting the haters and doubters. A remixed version of this song featuring Steve Aoki was released in November 2017.

note: in this post, I will be reviewing the original version.

  • trap beat
  • hip-hop diss track along the line of the Cyphers
  • highlights the excellent rapping skills of the group

I particularly love Suga’s verse at 1:07.

“Sorry mom, your son’s too hot”

In terms of lyrics, Suga’s verse at 1:07 is once again my favourite, with lines that are at once scathing, boastful and vulnerable. For example, the reference to Suga’s parent’s lack of support for his chosen career path, makes this song particularly special for those who are familiar with the rapper’s story.

However, generally speaking, this song lacks some of the clever word play which I so enjoyed in Cypher pt. 3 and the lyrics could have been better.

3 microphones out of 5 (rating)
In conclusion, whilst the song itself is very good, some of the lyrics do leave something to be desired and there was little that was particularly outstandinghence I am giving it 3/5. 

Did you like this song? Check out the music video for the Steve Aoki remix!

TRACK 7- Go Go

Go Go is a song which criticises society, something which has become a trademark of BTS albums and sets them apart from many other artists.

  • hip-hop song
  • boasts catchy tune and overall feel-good sound
  • rap verses mix smoothly with the vocals
  • no sections stand out as particularly impressive or interesting
  • annoying if listen to often

One of the group’s most goofy tracks to date, this song seems playful and fun, but actually addresses the struggles of today’s youth.

This dissonance between sound and meaning is entirely intentional and is reflected in the lyrics, helping to communicate that beyond materialism and shallow phrases like “YOLO”, is a much darker and more painful truth about the hardships of being a young person in society.

RM has said: “In Korea, YOLO has become a big key word for young people because we don’t have money and it’s really hard to get a chance to earn a lot of money.” Read more on this here.

2.5 microphones
Overall, this song has an important and complex meaning, and an egaging sound, although I find it can be a little bit annoying if you listen to it often. I also think that without knowing the meaning, I would not appreciate the song as much as I do due to the repetitive chorus. This repetitiveness is intentional and helps deliver the message of the song, but in terms of listening experience it isn’t the best. Hence, I give the song 2.5/5.

Did you like this song? Check out this special Halloween-edition dance practice! (Dance starts at 1:38.)

TRACK 8- Outro: Her

Outro: Her features BTS’ three rappers: RM, J-Hope and Suga.

The rap line’s unit songs are usually a hit or miss for me. Not because I don’t like the rap line, because I love them, but simply because I’m not the biggest fan of rap. I like rap in songs, but I struggle to listen to a whole song of just rapping. Hence, the instrumentation becomes really important.

  • rap is okay
  • dislike the instrumentation, which made me dislike the entire song

“All of my wonder, the answer to that,  I call you her, her, ’cause you’re my tear, tear”

The lyrics, however, are very clever. Not so much in terms of the meaning in relation to society or anything else, but in their subtle hints towards the rest of the Love Yourself era.

1 microphone out of 5
Overall, whilst this single line impressed me a lot, the song simply wasn’t for me. I didn’t like the beat and found the song too repetitive. Hence, I give the song a 1/5.

Did you like this song? Listen to it on Spotify!

I found this album disappointing. There were a few good songs,  but there were too many songs with sappy, cheesy lyrics and annoying or displeasing instrumentation.

Although the whole point of the album was to explore the happy, loving and exciting parts of young love, the album often felt stale and clichéd.

I would have loved to see BTS take a fresh and insightful view on happy love like they do with all of their other concepts, but the route they went feels insincere and unsatisfactory to me. The kind of love explored also felt a little bit unhealthy in some of the songs, as I mentioned previously.

In the context of the entire trilogy, it could be argued that the reason they went this route was to show how this kind of all-consuming love eventually develops into something negative (see my review for Love Yourself  ‘Tear’ tomorrow), and if this is the case then it makes me like the album a bit more and has caused me to increase my rating a little bit,

Overall, this album was not the best album from BTS and I’m giving it a 1.5/5.

1.5 microphones

If you want to know what my ratings mean please refer to this. A 1.5 star album rating means I liked some of the songs, but not all, and that either the cohesiveness or variety or music quality was good. NOTE: I rate out of 5, however there are 7 levels (5,4,3,2,1,0, N/A).

Who are BTS?

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BTS are a South Korean boy group who debuted in June 2013. There are seven members: RM (formerly known as Rap Monster), Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook. V is also an actor and RM, Suga and J-Hope all have solo careers as well. 

Also check out my introduction to BTS and stay tuned for more BTS posts to come!

So that’s it for this review! I hope you enjoyed. This is the beginning of a series for the next couple of days, so watch out for my breakdown of my favourite BTS songs as well as reviews of the rest of the Love Yourself trilogy!

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