BTS’ Love Yourself 轉 ‘Tear’ Album Review

Love Yourself Tear Album cover

The Love Yourself  ‘Tear’ album was released on the 18th of May 2018 and is the second of three albums in the Love Yourself trilogy.

The album features eleven songs, including a solo intro from member V, a vocal line song and an outro from the rap line.

The album’s overall concept is the opposite of the previous album and focuses on the darker, less spoken-about and more toxic aspects of love.

note: all music videos and live performances in this video come with English subtitles, so please click the caption button if you wish to view these.

If you want to know what my ratings mean please refer to this. NOTE: I rate out of 5, however there are 7 levels (5,4,3,2,1,0, N/A).

TRACK 1- Intro: Singularity

Intro: Singularity was first released on the 6th of May 2018 as a trailer for the album and features member V.

  • similar neo-soul (R&B) sound to V’s previous solo track Stigma
  • showcases his beautiful baritone (which I’m a sucker for)
  • overall seductive quality

“Tell me, if my voice is fake, should I have not thrown myself away? Tell me, if this pain is fake, then what must I do?”

Unlike how the song sounds, the lyrics are actually dark and desperately sad. Which is, of course, probably the point.

Singularity talks about losing yourself to a persona and being unable to discern what is real or not, and this conflict is also expressed in the dissonance between the sound of the song and the meaning of the lyrics.

5 microphones (rating 5/5)
Overall, this is probably one of my favourite BTS songs of all time. It does V’s gorgeous voice justice, the meaning is both heart-breaking and deep and the lyrics themselves are poetic. The whole song flows very nicely and seems to melt into my ears. It reminds me of toffee melting on your tongue…. yum. Therefore, I can’t help but give it a 5/5.

Did you like this song? Check out this awesome, LGBT+ dance cover!


FAKE LOVE is the title track on this album and also the song they performed at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards.

  • emo hip-hop sound
  • good rap sections and slower vocal sections
  • bad chorus

Firstly, the pronunciation of “fake love” as “fakeu love” bugs me (yes, it sounds better for the rhythm of the song and was intentional, but it’s also jarring to my ears).

Apart from that, the chorus felt like it interrupted the flow of the song and I also don’t like the vocals when Jimin and Jin sing “fake love” (e.g. 2:10). The flow within the chorus itself also doesn’t fit nicely in my opinion. Unfortunately, this ruined what could have been one of my favourite tracks on the album.

“Look at me, I threw myself away…. You say I’m strange when I changed into the person you liked”

FAKE LOVE talks about someone who changes themselves for love and how such love is fake and toxic.

1.5 microphones
Overall, the song has a good meaning about how one shouldn’t change themselves in a relationship and should stay true to themselves, but the song itself didn’t do it for me because of the chorus. Hence, I give this song a 1.5/5. 

Did you like this song? Check out this live performance, or this official rock remix!

TRACK 3- The Truth Untold (ft. Steve Aoki)

This track features the four vocalists of the group (Jin, Jimin, V and Jungkook) and is a surprising contrast to the group’s previous collaboration with Steve Aoki.

  • beautiful ballad-like song
  • minimalistic piano instrumentation
  • shows off gorgeous vocal tones
  • sincerity and bitterness of the song delivered perfectly

I can’t point at a specific point I love because the whole song is so incredible and they really did a good job of highlighting the different attractive qualities of each of their voices.

“Maybe back then, if I had just a little more courage, and stood before you, would everything be different now?”

The lyrics of The Truth Untold read like a story or epic poem, so I really recommend you read them. Essentially, they tell the story of someone who ended up losing their love as they could not tell the truth about their desires.

5 microphones (rating 5/5)
Overall, I love how the lyrics of this song are written, and they carry a great deal of emotional weight which the song perfectly communicates even if you don’t understand the lyrics. Hence, I give this song a 5/5. 

Did you like this song? Check out this lower pitch version. I recommend playing it alongside the original to have your minds blown and ears blessed. 

TRACK 4- 134340

134340 is the number destination for Pluto since it is no longer considered a planet.

  • jazzy
  • airy, other-worldly quality like being in space
  • channels some Hope World vibes

The rap verses in this song are particularly exceptional and right up my alley, with a slightly muted and more understated style (e.g. 0:27).

“Why did you kick me out? Without a name, I’m still lingering around you…”

This song talks about someone, who like Pluto, was kicked out and discarded despite still existing and being there the same as before.

This whole song uses Pluto as a sort of extended metaphor for how the narrator is feeling and this kind of lyrical complexity and thought is part of what makes BTS’ music so special.

4 microphones out of 5
Overall, the lyrics of this song discuss a fairly common topic, but the way in which they address the topic is particularly unique, and the use of text-painting in the song is also particularly good. I give the song a 4/5. 

Did you like this song? Listen to it on Spotify!

TRACK 5- Paradise

Paradise builds on the idea first expressed in Suga’s new year wish.

  • more traditional R&B sound
  • sultry, but faster paced than Singularity
  • rap verses help keep momentum throughout
  • sparse instrumentation, largely light percussion, to support the vocals/rapping

This is one that has actually grown on me with time and is now one of my favourite songs on the album.

“It’s alright to stop, you don’t need to run without knowing why. It’s alright to not have any dreams if you have moments where you can feel happiness”

Paradise is about reassuring the listener that it’s okay if you don’t know what you want from life yet.

4 microphones out of 5
As someone who isn’t quite sure what I want to do in life yet, I love this message and think it’s very important. Additionally, I quite like the sound of the song as well, so I’m giving this song a 4/5. 

Did you like this song? Listen to it on Spotify!

TRACK 6- Love Maze

  • vintage hip-hop influence
  • mixed with something that is almost EDM but not quite
  • vocals in the chorus give overall lighter feel, balance harsher rap verse

(I may have struggled to figure out the genre of this song a lot…)

“All around us is a maze, different paths. We’re walking in this abyss, there’s a thin light over there, I hope we’re going toward paradise.”

Love Maze talks about navigating the difficulties of a relationship, where many things can go wrong and the chance of you finding the one correct route are small, just like in a maze.

3.5 microphones (3.5/5)
Overall, I really love the way this song compares love to a maze and I think it’s a very fitting metaphor. I also love the use of metaphor in songs in general. Additionally, I like the sound of the song as well, so I’m giving this song a 3.5/5.

Did you like this song? Pop on some headphones and check out this 8D version!

TRACK 7- Magic Shop

Magic Shop displays Jungkook’s first work in music production!

  • EDM
  • not too repetitive
  • Jungkook’s music tastes really come through
  • rap acts as a light guide for the sweet vocals

You may know if you’ve read my Love Yourself ‘Her’ review, but EDM is a hit-or-miss genre for me and, unlike Best of Me, this was a massive hit and is one of my favourite songs on the album! I especially like that the members sing through the drop, giving some more variety.

“You gave me the best of me, so you’ll give you the best of you”

Magic Shop is a massive thank you to the group’s fans. The lyrics speak about how the fans have helped the members to grow and become better people and hope that they can give some of that love and support to themselves as well.

4 microphones out of 5
Overall, the lyrics of this song carry a beautiful, powerful message and it sounds really pleasing as well, so I give the song a 4/5.

Did you like this song? Check out this 8D version!

TRACK 8- Airplane pt.2

Airplane pt. 2 is the sequel to the track Airplane off of J-Hope’s 2018 mixtape ‘Hope World’.

  • latin-influenced pop
  • good flow and catchy, although not my preferred genre

Airplane pt. 2 talks about how the group is loving being able to sing all over the world and their recent popularity, but also ensures fans that they’re  “still the same as before” and still have the same passion and love for what they are doing.

1.5 microphones
Overall, the lyrics are okay, but on the weaker side compared to the rest of the album and the sound of the song isn’t really my thing, so I’m going to give this song a 1.5/5. 

Did you like this song? Check out this lyric video!

TRACK 9- Anpanman

This song could be considered the Go Go of the ‘Tear’ album.

  • trap influences
  • reminiscent of Fetty Wap‘s music according to some critics
  • catchy and playful tune, but be careful of over-playing it!

The rap verses in this song are vital to break up the song and I also particularly like Jungkook’s section at 2:45.

“…I still wanna be a hero, but I can only give you an Anpan*, and tell you that you did a good job. But if you call me, I’ll fly over to you…”

Anpanman is based on a Japanese picture book series in which Anpanman* is a character who has no super powers or anything, but gives people in need bits of his head (which is made of bread). The idea is that he has to sacrifice himself in order to help others.

The song expresses something which the members often touch on: they aren’t superheroes, but if they can help the lives of their fans in any way, make them feel happier or touch them, then that is enough for them.

3 microphones out of 5 (rating)
Overall the song is pretty catchy, and the meaning of the lyrics is really sweet and meaningful as well. Again, I enjoy the group’s use of more figurative lyrics as opposed to more literally saying what they mean. Hence, I’m giving this song 3/5.

Did you like this song? Check out this lyric video!

*note: Anpan= a bread bun

TRACK 10- So What

  • EDM
  • longer, more instrumentation-heavy drop than Magic Shop
  • hence I don’t like it as much as Magic Shop, but it’s still pretty good

I very much enjoy all of the verses in this song and think they break up the song nicely.

My biggest bugbear is that the two drops at the end of the song are too close together, simply because I struggle to listen to the beat drop for that long.

“All your worries are just part of the swamp of your imagination that you created. Instead of worrying, go, go, don’t be timid, cheer up,
shout out, so what”

So What is a really empowering song, telling us to stop hesitating and second guessing ourselves so much and go for the things we want.

2.5 microphones
I think the sound of the song reflects the message behind the words quite well and I love the message, even though some parts of the song do annoy me a little bit. Hence, I’m giving this song a 2.5/5.

Did you like this song? Listen to it on Spotify!

TRACK 11- Outro: Tear

This song features the group’s rap line: RM, J-Hope and Suga.

  • rap
  • stripped back percussive beat
  • occasional echoes of other instrumention, like a an echo in a cave
  • variety of rap styles, some sing-rapping

I said in my review of ‘Love Yourself 承 ‘Her’ that pure rap songs are a hit-or-miss for me and this song is just a bit of a masterpiece.

“This goodbye came to me at the end of my play that was only filled with lies, that’s the price I’ll pay”

Outro: Tear talks about the painful end of a relationship, possibly due to dishonesty, and expresses the narrator’s feelings of self-hate and regret.

5 microphones (rating 5/5)
Overall, I think the song portrays the emotions in a very raw and connected manner, and I enjoy the song from a music standpoint as well, so I’m going to give this song a 5/5. I originally planned on giving this song a 4.5 but it just keeps growing on me so.,.

Did you like this song? Listen to it on Spotify!

This album was what I wanted from Love Yourself  ‘Her’. It didn’t seem to forced or stereotypical, they covered important issues in creative ways and the overall music quality seemed much higher. Although I didn’t love some of the promotional tracks from this album (e.g. FAKE LOVE and Airplane pt.2) the rest of the album was gold.

3.5 microphones (3.5/5)
In conclusion, I give ‘Love Yourself  ‘Tear” a 3.5/5.

If you want to know what my ratings mean please refer to this. A 3.5 star album rating means I liked most of the songs, and the cohesiveness or variety were very good. NOTE: I rate out of 5, however there are 7 levels (5,4,3,2,1,0, N/A).

Who are BTS?

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BTS are a South Korean boy group who debuted in June 2013. There are seven members: RM (formerly known as Rap Monster), Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook. V is also an actor and RM, Suga and J-Hope all have solo careers as well. 

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So that’s it for my review of BTS’ Love Yourself ‘Tear’. I hope you enjoyed and look out for my review of Love Yourself ‘Answer’ tomorrow!

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