Mini Reviews Volume 1

Sometimes I have some reviews to post but they’re not quite long enough to warrant a single post, so I collate them into mini review posts like this one! Enjoy 🙂

DISCLAIMER: I received free copies of both of these books in return for an honest review. All opinions are honest and my own.

Sarah's GhostSarah’s Ghost by Ben Kavaliro

SARAH’S GHOST is a supernatural thriller that will make you laugh, cry, and reel in shock. It contains terrifying suspense and multiple twists. (Goodreads.)

I struggled with connecting to the characters in this book or with feeling sympathy towards them. I found myself being unusually apathetic towards major events, simply because characters are perhaps the most important aspect in determining whether I enjoy a book and I could neither connect or enjoy the characters in this book. Perhaps they are simply too far removed from my reality or my interests, but whatever the case, I could not get in to this book because of that. I found some of the humour crude and many of the issues dealt with in the first 40% to be outside of my interest.

That being said, the writing style is engaging and for those who are more invested in the supernatural or plot aspects of the book may well have enjoyed this book, especially in the latter half which I did not read.

0 microphones
As I did not finish this book, I can not give it a rating as per my rating policy.

A Dance With DemonsA Dance With Demons by Sir Richard Alexander

Two neighbouring nations have never been at peace, but become even less so now. One summons evil creatures to fight for them and the other bolsters their militia with their own people. (Goodreads.)

A Dance With Demons was fun. It wasn’t particularly revolutionary, world-changing or otherwise mind-blowingly brilliant, but it was a good, fun read which made me look forward to reading some more of the fun fantasy stuff that I have sitting on my Kindle waiting to be read when I particularly need saving from boredom.

Although at points the romances were a bit too awkward for my tastes, some of the friendships were pretty good although they could do with filling out and developing (perhaps in the next instalment?) and the personality of some of the side characters in particular was both amusing and engaging. (I particularly enjoyed Shen’s blunt logic and Rick’s sweet optimism.)

The plot really carried this book for me and it was decently fast paced, making this book an ideal boredom reliever!

2 stacks of 3 books (2/5 rating)
I wavered between a two and a three for this one, so it’s more like a 2.5, but seeing as I don’t do half ratings for books we’re rounding down because I like to be harsh! This just means I liked the book, except for a few aspects. Check out my rating policy for more details.

So that was it!

Do you want to go and read either of these books now?

Happy reading, Keira x.

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