Hey guys! I promise I haven’t given up on the whole posting-every-day-in-December thing, but this post took ages to put together… sorry! I wasn’t sure how long to make this list, so I asked you guys on Twitter and most of you said top 50 so that’s what I went with. Enjoy ❤

#50: SEVENTEEN- Oh My!

I didn’t love this song when I first heard it, but the jigsaw puzzle choreography and the light-hearted goodness won me over.

#49: A.C.E- Take Me Higher

A.C.E are one of my favourite groups, and they’re super talented (please support them). This was a great summer track, but it didn’t place higher on my list as it’s one I wouldn’t listen to outside of summer time 🙂 That being said, I particularly love WOW’s rap verse and the breakdown.

#48: Golden Child- Genie

The thing that first attracted me to this song was the music video aesthetic, because it’s so colourful and fun. Overall, it’s just a pretty fun song!

#47: TWICE- YES or YES

TWICE have been growing on me recently and this is definitely one of my favourite songs by them. It’s catchy, fun, and I find myself constantly doing the dance whenever I say yes… it’s become an issue.

#46: IZ*ONE- La Vie en Rose

I didn’t watch Produce48 and I think some of these girls are too young to debut, and I’m not a massive fan of the groups which come out of these produce shows in general, but that being said, this was a great debut with a gorgeous music video: so elegant, so classy.

#45: N.Flying- Hot Potato

This song is absolutely ridiculous, but that’s definitely its charm!

#44: GOT7- Look

GOT7’s music has matured so much ever since their 7 for 7 album and I am loving it. This MV was so aesthetically pleasing (especially BamBam’s scene) and I love the rap verses.

#43: DAY6- Shoot Me

Nobody does angst quite like DAY6 and I absolutely love the slightly creepy build of the opening lines. The chorus is also incredibly catchy.


I was really disappointed by BLACKPINK’s comeback this year. I’m not a massive fan of theirs, but I was looking forward to their comeback… I cannot stand DDU-DDU and I didn’t really like the rest of the album either. Needless to say, I was very happy when this song came out and I liked it.

#41: Leebada- Painting

Leebada is a very new and unknown artist, but I absolutely love her voice.

#40: fromis_9- LOVE BOMB

Now, permanent groups made on shows are something I can get behind! Especially when they have a more organic growth in popularity as fromis_9 have. They released a couple songs this year, but this one really took the cake and I had it on repeat for a couple of weeks after it was released!

#39: ONEW- Blue

Have you heard that voice? Feel the emotions!

#38: APRIL- Oh! my mistake

This group has been around for a decent while, but this is the song that got me hooked. I love the retro inspiration and yes, this was also on repeat. It’s so bouncy and fun!

#37: VROMANCE- Star

Now I’m not sure if it’s the song or the music video which I like more, because it was definitely the MV which hooked me, but this is just so soothing and beautiful that I had to put it on this list.

#36: BTOB- Beautiful Pain

So I think I have a thing for songs in which painful emotions are expressed through gorgeous, gorgeous voices.

#35: OH MY GIRL- Secret Garden

This song came out at the beginning of the year… I immediately added it to my songs and went through all of their music videos. Needless to say, I fell in love and they’re now one of my favourite girl groups.

#34: SHINee- Good Evening

SHINee have had an incredible year for music this year, especially considering the tragedy they have been coping with. This song is just so beautiful!

#33: Yang Da Il- sorry

Yeah, back at it again with the painful emotions.

#32: Rothy- Burning

Now this might not be the most original of sounds, but I absolutely love Rothy’s voice. An impressive debut and I will definitely be keeping my eye out for more.

#31: SHINee- Our Page

Does this even need words?


It took me a long time to decide if I liked the beat drop in this song, but I am a sucker for deep voices so the opening forced me to listen to this song and made me really want to love it… and now I really like the beat drop too! Unpopular opinion alert: I prefer this song to Love Scenario *gasp*

#29: EXID- I Love You

Well this is my new favourite EXID song.

#28: EXO-CBX- Blooming Day

I mean… some of the lyrics are too cheesy for my liking, but have you heard those voices? I can forgive cheesiness if it’s sung as well as that.

#27: Red Velvet- Power Up

I actually really didn’t like this song to begin with… but it didn’t really have anything to do with the music. I hated Wendy’s pigtails and the girl scouts inspired outfits just really didn’t do it for me… they’re not children? They can be cute without dressing like 7 year olds… that might be a bit harsh, but still. Anyway, I saw their recent performance in which they’re dressed a bit more maturely, which allowed me to listen to the song all the way through without cringing and I fell in love. “Let’s power up!”

#26: The Rose- BABY

I actually saw this in concert in January before it was released when they toured in Europe and it was incredible…

#25: Mamamoo- Egotistic

Now I’m not typically the biggest latin music fan, but the girls really pulled it off (I mean, naturally, it’s Mamamoo).

#24: SHINee- Countless

Although this was SHINee’s last title track this year, it was actually the fist one I listened to all the way through and it made me go back and listen to the whole album, causing me to fall in love with previous tracks. I don’t know what it is, but I love this song.

#23: DREAMCATCHER- Full Moon

This was more of a single than a title track and it doesn’t have a music video, but it’s easily my favourite of the three title tracks/singles that the group released this year… all of which were pretty good. DREAMCATCHER are just a lovely breath of fresh air.

#22: GOT7- Miracle

Okay so usually I don’t include seasonal songs so high on my list (as you saw by Take Me Higher), but this is just so gorgeous and pretty that I couldn’t resist.

#21: SOYOU- All Night (ft. Sik-K)

Slighlty jazzy and a lot sultry is the way I like my music, so this was right up my alley.

#20: Huh Gak- Empty words

A beautiful song with a beautiful MV, as usual from Huh Gak. I also love that the video is LGBTQ+ as this is not something you see a lot in Korea.

#19: EXO- Love Shot

This is a great song (and those live performances with Kai in red killed me little)… I do struggle to listen to it unless I’m watching a performance or using it as background whilst doing something else because of the repetitiveness of the “nanana” bits, but otherwise I can’t get enough.

#18: OH MY GIRL- Remember Me

So remember how I said Secret Garden made me fall in love with OH MY GIRL? I love this song even more.

#17: KEY- One of Those Nights (ft. Crush)

Not only has SHINee’s music this year been great as a group, but both KEY and ONEW have released incredible solo albums.

#16: Girls’ Generation-Oh!GG- Lil’ Touch

Girls’ Generation are iconic in the K-Pop industry, but I must admit to not really liking an of their music… until this song. WOW.

#15: Red Velvet- Bad Boy

I mean I generally like Red Velvet’s velvet tracks a lot… soooo yeah.

#14: Huh Gak- The Last Night

This music video is so simple and powerful, and of course Huh Gak’s voice is beautiful.

#13: Mamamoo- Paint Me

One of the first songs of the year, but so so impressive. Mamamoo really do have incredible vocals and look at the aesthetics of the music video too!

#12: MINSEO- Is Who

I mentioned earlier that I love jazz pop, so this gypsy jazz inspired track + the uniqueness of Minseo as a performer hooked me.

#11: FTISLAND- Summer Night’s Dream


#10: Mamamoo- Starry Night

Beautiful, but definitely more summery than spring considering it’s the title track of their spring-themed album 😀 Their voices almost make you feel like you’re seeing the gorgeous New Zealand landscape yourself. Living vicariously for the win!

#9: GOT7- Lullaby

An amazing title track for an amazing album… fitting. Also, bonus points for Harry Potter references!

#8: Leebada- Night Dream

Can I copy and paste what I said before? HER VOICE IS BEAUTIFUL PLEASE SUPPORT.

#7: SEUNGRI- 1, 2, 3!

Retro and catchy… perfect.

#6: DAY6- Stop The Rain

Okay so technically this is Japanese… but it’s a Korean group so I’m including it because WOW THIS IS A GOOD SONG. Full of emotions and so, so powerful.

#5: Jimin Park- April Fools (0401)

So this song does have a MV, but it is age-restricted so I felt it would be better to include a live performance. JYP finally let Jimin release music and gsoh was it good. Her voice! Helps that I love this kind of music, of course.


She’s Korea’s darling for a reason… (+ the aesthetics are so good… which has nothing to do with the music, but I just wanted to mention it anyway).

#3: WheeIn- EASY (ft. Sik-K)

Is their a recipe for perfection? WheeIn must have found it.

#2: Mamamoo- Wind Flower

Although not their most popular comeback of the year, I love the noir-inspired and laidback appeal of this song.

#1: Zion.T- Hello Tutorial ft. SEULGI

Although initially easy to overlook for its sweet simplicity, this song hooked me after I found myself unable to stop watching the MV and since then it has not let me go. I love it so much.

So those are my top 50 K-Pop title tracks of 2018! What do you think of my list? What does your list look like? And make sure to keep an eye out for a shorter part 2 in which I discuss the b-sides I loved. Happy listening and Merry Christmas if you celebrate, Keira x.

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