Hello everyone! So if you are familiar with book blogging, you would know that bloggers often do wrap ups at the end of the month of the books they read that month (look out for mine in the next couple of days ;)) but I wanted to do something similar with the music side of my blog as well, so here are some of my favourite songs released in January! Please also be aware that I tried not to repeat songs ever, so some of the songs may not be in my final top 5 because of this.


I always like to give some love to the newbies! My pick for the best debut of January is going to go to the Korean girl group Cherry Bullet for their song Q&A. It’s cute, bubbly, very catchy, and it doesn’t take itself too seriously. I recommend listening to it when cleaning or completing otherwise boring chores!


I almost gave the previous category to WayV, but I figured that was kind of unfair as they are sort of a debut, but they are really more of a subunit of an already-debuted group. Anyway, so I’m giving them this category instead! Specifically, I’m giving it to their song Dream Launch. It has the relaxed, dreamy quality which I love about Chinese music, with the catchy charm of the group’s K-Pop roots.n


Yes, I couldn’t help myself with the rhyming. Sorry! Basically, this is my favourite song in English of the month (although, of course, the West doesn’t just mean English music but whatever, the rhyming is more important). In any case, my choice for this one would have to be slchld‘s new single two faced. I love the sort of relaxed, bouncy R&B style of the song.

note: the categories featured may well differ from month to month


#5: Lee SoRa- Song request (ft. SUGA)

It’s always nice to see what you end up with when two artists collaborate. This month, I’m loving Lee SoRa‘s collaboration with SUGA on Song Request. I’m absolutely in love with the narrative of the song, and SUGA’s rap blends beautifully with LEE SORA’s vocals.

#4: V- Scenery

Honestly, I need a V mixtape in my life so badly, but I will take what I can get. I absolutely love deeper, smooth vocals, which V always delivers! This song is sort of a cross between a ballad and soul, and the lyrics are really profound and beautiful.

#3: Haruna- Like A Movie

So I have evidently been loving ballady R&B this month! This song is still really unknown, but it is gorgeous and I hope you can all give it lots of love.

#2: SEVENTEEN- Chilli

Okay, things now take a more upbeat turn with this fun rap number. The hip hop team of SEVENTEEN never fail to impress me and I love the beat.

#1: MINSEO- 2cm (ft. Paul Kim)

MINSEO is quickly becoming one of my favourite soloists. This MV is colourful and quirky, matching her music style perfectly, and her voice mixes gorgeously with Paul Kim’s!

So what were your favourite songs this month?! Please let me know and maybe I’ll find some music I haven’t heard of before… or maybe we’ll have similar choices!

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