MUSIC WRAP UP: February 2019

Today I will be fulfilling the second instalment of this type of post where I talk about the some of my favourite music released in the past month. If you didn’t see my first post, or if you don’t remember, here is a refresher: each month, I count down my top 5 songs plus some other categories which change each month. Please enjoy!


DREAMCATCHER has a very unique sound for a girl group, and it works so well (partially because I just adore rock) and I really loved the flute-type instrument in this one as well.


This song actually started out as one of my less favourite songs on Tiffany’s new album (all of the songs were so good), but it has quickly become one of my favourites, partially due to the lyrics. So empowering!


I really enjoy a lot of Heize’s music, especially her R&B stuff, but her voice makes this ballad so soulful and beautiful.


#5: TAEMIN- Artistic Groove

Okay, so it was a close call whether this song or WANT would get on this list… but this is a masterpiece. His voice is so sensual and perfect for this type of the music.

#4: Tiffany Young- Lips on Lips

Like I said, the whole of Tiffany’s album was amazing, but this one was a lead single so I’ve had a bit longer to fall in love with it. Also, how aesthetically pleasing is this music video?!

#3: Hwa Sa- TWIT

Mamamoo has a good-sized chunk of my heart, so when I heard Hwasa was having her solo debut, I was incredibly excited. Luckily, she didn’t disappoint.

#2: Ariana Grande- imagine

So many amazing albums this month: Tiffany and Ariana! This was my favourite song on the album, but there wasn’t much in it. I’m really in love with this style of music at the moment, and Ariana has an incredible voice.

#1: The Night of Seokyo- Dancing In The Moon (ft. Dawon)

Speaking of incredible voices, I love when The Night of Seokyo feature Dawon (which, luckily, is often). Her voice is so clear, and has quite a unique tone as well. It complements the retro beat of this excellently, making the song both fun and relaxing all at once.

So what were your favourite songs this month?! Please let me know and maybe I’ll find some music I haven’t heard of before!

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