Mamamoo’s RED MOON | Album Review

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RED MOON was released in July 2018 as the second installment of the group’s 4 Seasons project.

This album was Moonbyul’s album and also contains a song off of her solo album released earlier in the year. Notably, the album also contains a song which was created for an advertisement and is hence a departure from the general style of the group and the album. The album has six tracks.

Midnight Summer Dream is my favourite song on the album (and the only one without a MV or live performance). It’s a beautiful and slightly creepy mixture of reggae and R&B… this was one of my favourite songs of 2018. 5/5.

Egotistic marks the group’s first venture into latin-style music. The chorus is incredibly catchy and the song shows off the group’s charisma perfectly. 4/5.

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Rainy Season is a softer, more understated cross between ballad and a more R&B type sound. The understated instrumentation and soft vocals offer a nice break in the upbeat, fast-paced album. 4.5/5.

Sky! Sky! was a song released for an advertisement shortly before this album came out and is a massive departure from the group’s general music style. In fact, even the members expressed how awkward it felt to shoot the music video. Think GFRIEND: symphonic, cute and happy (with a side of Moonbyul rap). 3/5.

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Sleep in the Car is a song which is not intended to be taken seriously… except that it is a seriously good song. A conversation about having to sleep in the car because of their busy schedule lead to this beautiful hip hop, rap heavy song. 4/5.

Selfish was originally released in May on Moonbyul’s solo single album, and features SEULGI of Red Velvet. It’s a chill mixture of Moonbyul’s gorgeous low rap and SEULGI’s sweet vocals with a really positive message: loving yourself. 4.5/5.

Overall, this album felt like the main body of the album was a beautiful cohesive and varied mixture of musical genius and feel-good tracks, but the overall flow was slightly ruined by the inclusion of Sky! Sky! (not because it is not my personal preference in music, but simply because it was such a massive departure from the rest of the album that I doubt it would have been included or even made if they hadn’t been doing the advertisement). In any case, it has some of my favourite Mamamoo songs, so I’m not about to complain.

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Title Track4
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What did you think of the album?! Let me know!

Feel free to check out my review for Mamamoo’s Yellow Flower album and keep an eye out for upcoming posts on Mamamoo as I flood my blog for the week of their comeback (Mamamoo are probably my favourite girl group sooo).

Happy listening, Keira x.

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