Hey guys! March ended almost a week ago, so I’m running a bit behind but anyway, here are some of my fave songs that came out this month (or well, last month). Also, note: if the MV of a song came out, but it doesn’t become available on music platforms (e.g. Spotify, iTUNES) until April then I haven’t included that in this post (aka: RM’s solo won’t be here ;)).

BEST GROUP COMEBACK: Mamamoo- Gogobebe

Mamamoo is my favourite girl group and although this isn’t my favourite title track of their 4 Seasons project, it has been one of my favourite comebacks by group all year, not only just in March. Also, this is a great song if you’re feeling poopy, so highly recommend adding it to any feel-good playlists you happen to have.


You’ll see later how much I loved the title track of this song, and to be honest if I didn’t have a one-song per artist limit for my top 5 the whole list might be full of songs for this album. There really isn’t a single bad one, although my favourites are FOCUS ON ME, Touch Me and LONG BLACK.

BEST ROCK SONG: Catfish and the Bottlemen- 2all

The band Catfish and the Bottlemen is a new discovery for me and I’ve been loving listening to all of their music this month.


KEY’s voice is gorgeous and this was really the perfect song to say goodbye with as he left for the military, because it certainly won’t be getting unstuck from my head for awhile yet.


#5: Emeli Sandé- Sparrow

I didn’t really download any new power ballads last year, but this year is looking a bit more promising for the genre…

#4: HEIZE- So, it ends? (ft. Colde)

HEIZE released a new album this month and it the whole thing was really good, but this is probably my favourite song on the album (it was super close though and really hard to decide)!

#3: SURAN- Don’t hang up (ft. pH-1)

So yeah, I’ve really been having a thing for slightly R&B type stuff this month… well, in general, but this month saw a lot of particularly good releases. I discovered Suran’s music when SUGA produced a song for her back in 2016 or something like that, but I think this is the first proper album I’ve witnessed be released and it’s honestly made me fall in love with her and her music even more than I already had.

#2: Kehlani- Butterfly

I really discovered quite a lot of new artist this month- Kehlani is also a new find and I love her music style, her voice, and this gorgeous music video.

#1: Jus2- FOCUS ON ME

I was excited about this debut before they came out, because I love GOT7 and both JB and Yugyeom have music tastes that match well with my own (I love their Soundcloud stuff). So when I say this surpassed any and all expectations I had for it, that it is very high praise.

What were your favourite songs this month?! Do you dislike any of the songs I chose as my favourites? Please let me know and feel free to recommend some music to me.

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