Hello everyone! Welcome to my long overdue wrap up of Mamamoo posts celebrating their most recent comeback with White Wind. If you haven’t checked out my previous posts, feel free to click on Review buttons that will show up throughout the post, and otherwise enjoy my countdown of my all-time favourite Mamamoo songs!

#15: gogobebe (Review)

Fun, incredibly catchy.

#14: Bad bye (Review)

#13: Um Oh Ah Yeh

Really the embodiment of Mamamoo humour.

#12: Paint Me (Review)

I mean it’s a ballad from a group with some of the best vocals… what’s not to like?

#11: Rude Boy (Review)

#10: Starry Night (Review)

Marked a shift to a more modern, mature sound and I’m a fan: very soothing.

#9: No more drama (Review)

The exciting yet chilly winter song to complement the BLUE;S album’s more relaxed title track.

#8: My star (Review)

#7: Yes I am

Fun, full of confidence, with a side of fantastic (funtastic?) vocals!

#6: SELFISH (Moonbyul ft. SEULGI) (Review)

A solo collab between Moonbyul and SEULGI for Moonbyul’s first solo single album! Relaxed and empowering.

#5: Cat Fight

#4: Don’t (Hwasa x Loco)

A song written by Hwasa and Loco together for the TV show “Hyena on the Keyboard”. Smooth, sultry, showcases the best of Hwasa.

#3: Wind Flower (Review)

Perhaps one of the less popular of the group’s 2018 title tracks, but definitely my favourite. Wintry, and melancholic yet hopeful and inspiring.

#2: EASY (WheeIn ft. Sik-K)

WheeIn had her solo debut, and she was kicking asses and taking names (of all the people who fell in love with her after this video).

#1: Midnight Summer Dream (Review)

Okay so I haven’t been saying stuff about the ones without videos thus far because… I have exams and no time, but I felt it would be a bit weird if I didn’t say anything about my favourite track! THIS SONG IS AMAZING. I love the pacing, the lyrics, the vocals, the instrumentation, everything. Please listen to it and give it lots of love, because it is hugely underrated and deserves all the love and attention.

So that was the last of my Mamamoo comeback celebration! And just in time because BTS released their new album yesterday (when I first wrote this post, it was yesterday, but like I said exams so there has been a bit of a delay) so you can expect quite a few BTS posts for a week or two! If you want to get yourself ready you can go and check out the posts I did for a BTS week last year!

In the meantime, I want to know what your favourite Mamamoo songs are, or if you’re new to the group, which of these songs you liked the most! Talk to me 🙂

Happy listening, Keira x.

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