Okay, so the title is a bit of a misnomer. It would be better to call this the “asian-language edition” but that sounds kind of funny and seeing as the majority of the list does happen to be K-Pop I just went with that instead, but any songs in a Asian language are eligible for inclusion on this list. In any case, the following is a collection of my 30 favourite songs so far this year. It changes a lot, but this is how I rank them at the moment (let’s be honest, it will probably change the day after I post this but whatever).

Because this is just a quarterly update I’ve only quoted my favourite lyrics from each as opposed to giving a little spiel about why I like the song. In my end of year one I’ll give a bit more detail 🙂 Enjoy!

#30: N.Flying- Leave It

“In a false world, to make you shine, I don’t want you to see tainted me anymore.”

#29: Jus2- LOVE TALK (Review)

“I want to dance with you all night long. I want to move to your whispers.”

#28: TWICE- FANCY (Review)

“Will it suddenly disappear like smoke?”

#27: WJSN- La La Love (Review)

“The wind is blowing, the warmth is wrapping around, this moment forever.”

#26: BTS- Mikrokosmos

“Twinkling starlight, building with a blink light, we’re shining brightly, in our rooms, in our own stars.”

#25: Jus2- LONG BLACK (Review)

“You make me smile above imagination.”

#24: MINSEO- 2cm (ft. Paul Kim)

“The letters of your name are like bubbles: it’s too pretty to look at, but I can’t catch them.”

#23: Rothy- Blossom Flower

“I saw a random mattress that someone threw away and I’m counting all the dreams that are embedded inside.”

#22: Mamamoo- gogobebe (Review)

“People who talk too much alway die first in the movies, so raise up your self-love.”

#21: Apink- %% (Eung Eung)

“Tick tickle, someone who makes be burn inside first. Feels like I need that kind of person.”

#20: TAEMIN- Artistic Groove

“A wave that swirls deeper into my heart, that’s what you are.”

#19: HEIZE- But, I Am Your Buddy (ft. DAVII)

“I don’t know what face or voice I should face you with, ’cause I’m your buddy…. ’cause I’m nobody.”

#18: Jus2- TOUCH (Review)

“When you’re feeling down and looking for me, I will let go of everything and find you.”

#17: TWICE- Girls Like Us (Review)

“You are not alone, anyone has crossed this path. On this path, there’s happiness that can be met whenever. We are also going towards a faraway place, fly with us.”

#16: BLACKPINK- Don’t know what to do

“Can someone stop time for a bit? I feel like a big mistake just happened.”

#15: BTS- Boy With Luv (ft. Halsey)

“I’m flying high in the sky with the two wings you gave me back then.”

#14: Sunmi- Noir

“Why are we always missing each other? I walk one step slower, you already pass me by.”

#13: HEIZE- So, it ends? (ft. Colde)

“We can’t see each other anymore? We used to be the closest in the world.”


“The prohibited fruit is even sweeter so it’s tempting you.”

#11: J.Sheon- THAT FIRE

“Mess with us you gonna regret.”

#10: SEVENTEEN- Chilli

“It is too cold to cover the bed, to turn the boiler on.”

#9: Haruna- Like A Movie

“I’ll keep laughing in this scene.”

#8: Lee So Ra- Song Request (ft. SUGA)

“This night that comforts a fierce day I had, when even the darkness has gone to sleep…”


“Your eyes are filled with sunshine, you blow along the wind, you blossomed in my heart.”

#6: TWICE- HOT (Review)

“Oh I do not care what’s Hot, looks boring anyway.”

#5: DREAMCATHCER- Over the Sky

“I’m making myself into small pieces.”

#4: TAEYEON- Four Seasons

“We are sick of each other… before I rust, let’s shine again.”

#3: SURAN- Don’t hang up (ft. pH-1)

“I couldn’t see myself in your eyes”

#2: Jus2- FOCUS ON ME (Review)

“Our shadows dance together… we’re painting with the moonlight”

#1: The Night of Seokyo- Dancing in the Moon (ft. Dawon)

“I close my eyes, driving in the dream with you”

And that’s it! What are your favourite songs so far this year? I’ll be doing a part 2 for my favourite Western songs soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that 🙂

Happy listening,

Keira x.

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