TWICE’s FANCY YOU | Song-By-Song Album Review

girls dancing on a background with neon lights

FANCY combines the traditional TWICE formula of catchy choruses with a more mature-sounding “club” instrumentation, which transitions the girl’s sound seamlessly into something a bit more mature without losing their identity. It also happens to work incredibly well for someone like me who isn’t a massive fan of instrumental drops, as the vocals continue throughout the song. The rap verses particularly impressed me in this song, which is unusual for TWICE whose rap often disappoints me. And yes, this song will forever be stuck in your head, but that’s nothing new for TWICE. There were a few awkward sounding lyrics, and it is quite repetitive, but otherwise, a really solid title track. 4/5.

STUCK IN MY HEAD doesn’t completely stray away from pop, but it has a much heavier and stronger instrumentation, leaning the closest towards a more hip-hop sound that I’ve heard from the girls thus far. The verses are great and the song has a really good flow of tension, but the repeated refrain of “stuck in my head like” during the chorus is less pleasing to the ears and gets annoying quickly. 2/5.

Mina dancing in front of a window in a skyscraper

GIRLS LIKE US is an anthemic pop song. The verses are solid, the chorus pleasing to the ears and the message about how you are not alone in experiencing pain on the path to your dream is truly empowering and inspiring. One of my favourite songs on the album for both sound and lyrics. 4.5/5.

HOT is a song of contrasts with a heavy instrumentation and repeated refrain “HOT” in the chorus interspersed by more lyrical and subdued verses. The song is predominantly chorus, and whilst this repetition annoyed me in STUCK IN MY HEAD, it works in this case, largely because the way the refrain is sung is much nicer on the ears. It’s very atmospheric, slightly sensual, and I loved it. 4.5/5.

girls dancing in a line on a background with lots of geometric shapes

TURN IT UP is a deceptive song. It starts with a kind of acoustic sound, before quickly transitioning into a powerful, fun song that is anything but acoustic. 3.5/4.

STRAWBERRY is the song on the album that most reminds me of previous TWICE b-sides, but that’s not a bad thing. It doesn’t stick out as not fitting in the greater album, which shows just how seamless their transition to a more mature sound has been, but it’s also just a really great song. A little bit more relaxed and sweet than the rest of the tracks, but the laidback vibe of the song works really well to finish the album off. 3/5.

Chaeyoung dancing in a mirrored hall

FANCY YOU has continued TWICE’s solid discography. I’m not familiar with much of the group’s pre-2018 work beyond the title tracks, but all of their 2017 releases had strong title tracks with a selection of strong b-sides as well. It makes for a successful, enjoyable album, as opposed to simply a hit song: they really deserve their place as one of the most successful girl groups in K-Pop.

TWICE had a very specific style, which created a unique identity for them within the music industry. Naturally, by shifting to a more mature sound there was the risk of them losing their identity, but I am pleased to say that that doesn’t appear to be the case. Their songs are still recognisable as TWICE songs, but bring something fresh and new to their discography at the same time. All around success!

Title Track (FANCY)4
My Music Taste3.5

You can find an explanation of what my scores mean here. If you’re interested, I downloaded every song on the album with the exception of STUCK IN MY HEAD.

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