A.C.E’s ‘UNDER COVER’ Album Review

On Friday we welcomed 5-member boy group A.C.E‘s second mini album into the world. The album saw them take yet another change in style with their rap rock based title track, whilst maintaining a certain familiar quality throughout the rest of the mini album and the visuals of the music video.

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Once again, A.C.E have proved themselves to be one of the few groups that make excellent decisions in selecting their title tracks, as UNDER COVER truly stands out as the best song on the album by far. The song introduces some of the rap power that has only been hinted at in the group’s previous work, proving that not only can they sing and dance, but rap as well.

The hard rock instrumentation is paired with a catchy, poppy song structure, which is a truly addictive mix, and the addition of beautiful clear falsetto balances the base-heavy, darker instrumentation and rap, for a song that is both interesting and easy on the ears.

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The mini album also features three b-sides, one of which is Do It Like Me. If you aren’t familiar with A.C.E, this song was initially intended to be the group’s debut song, and the members have performed it on tour already, but no full audio version has ever been released. Whilst this is a fun and exciting song, it definitely makes for a better performance song and I think it was the right decision not to make this the group’s debut.

The darker, mysterious and slightly husky vocals of the verses are the killing point of this song, and their impact is weakened by a very repetitive beat and beat drop. The song lacks a real chorus, opting for instrumental sections instead, and without the support of a performance, this makes the song anti-climactic and feels like a pause in the middle of an otherwise very good song.

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As for the other b-sides, there is a fan song, If You Heard, which seems to becoming a signature sound for A.C.E: emotional, powerful ballads dedicated to their fans, along the lines of their 2018 release 5TAR (Incompletion). If You Heard was released before the dropping of the album and has a music video with classic behind-the-scenes moments from the group’s recent tours and other activities.

Speaking of fan songs, the complete version of 5TAR is featured on the physical edition of this album as well, and the ending is a large improvement on the repetitive chanting of the incomplete version. This version was revealed last year in a YouTube performance, but this is the first time the audio version has been released.

Image result for a.c.e under cover kim byeongkwan gif
Kim Byeongkwan (UNDER COVER)

Finally, we have Mr. Bass, which also has a beat drop, but unlike Do It Like Me, the instrumentation is much more interesting. Whilst I still think the song would be better accompanied with a performance, the funky groove paired with fun yet somehow mature vocals makes for a dynamic and refreshing song.

Image result for a.c.e undercover donghun gif

In conclusion, A.C.E continues to deliver a solid mini album, with a couple of excellent songs and some songs that are just okay. I look forward to seeing what the group can deliver in the future, and I believe that longer albums will allow us to see their full potential more, as the limited spaces available on this mini album were mostly filled with fan songs and songs that fans have been waiting for an audio version of, limiting the group to two spaces for new and refreshing songs, including the title track.

Image result for a.c.e under cover jun gif
Title Track (UNDER COVER)5
My Music Taste3.5

I downloaded all of the songs on the album, and if you want to do the same, you can find the album on Spotify here.

What did you think of the album? Have you heard of A.C.E before? I will admit they are one of my favourite groups, but I try to be as unbiased as possible in these reviews!

Also, what do you think of the new review style? It’s certainly a more natural way to write, but let me know what you prefer!

See you in the comments,

Keira x.

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