Hello everyone! I’ve been really obsessed with TBR games recently, so I decided to make my own! Before I post my March TBR, I wanted to make this post as a bit of a reference! Feel free to make your own version of this if you would like!


This is a bit like a SUPER UPGRADED version of a TBR Jar with prompts in it. I used mini flashcards and highlighters to create a pretty big deck of cards with different categories on them.

My categories:

  • 5 Star Prediction
  • Friend Pick
  • Sister Pick (if you want to do this, you could make this any family member)
  • Music Pick (click ‘Shuffle’ on a playlist, artist, or album you like, and pick a book that is in someway related to the song that plays)
  • Goodreads Poll
  • Roll the Dice (with different prompts for numbers 1-6)
  • TBR Jar (pick a prompt from a jar)
  • Colour Pick (random colour generator, pick a book with that colour on it)
  • Genre Wheel (decision wheel and pick a book from the corresponding genre)
  • Released this year
  • Challenge (more difficult prompts!)
  • Format (e.g. audiobook, ebook etc.)
  • Free choice
  • A to Z (random letter generator, title to start with that letter)

I have five cards of each category in the full deck.


  1. Shuffle cards way and either fan out or spread on a surface.
  2. Declare your baseline! This is the minimum number of cards you will pick.
  3. Turn over/select the number of cards determined by your baseline.
  4. Once you have turned them all over, you can begin assigning books to the cards.
  5. If you feel like you want to add more books to your TBR, you can now pick one card at a time until you’re satisfied with the size of your TBR.
  6. Be careful of cards that tell you to draw more cards, and remember that whilst you can always draw more cards, you can’t get rid of them!
  7. No doubling up on prompts!
  8. Don’t put the cards pack into the deck! You keep playing until all of the cards are used up, and then the game is over and you can start again!
  9. If you don’t read a book on your TBR, that’s okay! But you put the same book off TWICE, then you have to get rid of it!!!

WARNING: Books you are already reading at the beginning of the month and want to continue/finish can’t be used to fulfill any of the cards!

And that’s it! What do you think of my new TBR game? Are you excited for my March TBR?

Let me know if you play any TBR games!

Happy reading,

Keira x.

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Keira @Headphones&Hyperboles

Hi! I'm Keira and I'm the author here at Headphones and Hyperboles. It's nice to meet you :) I like to read and listen to music (obviously), but I also really like sleeping, eating chocolate and going out to eat with friends.


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