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GOT LOVE is the second mini album (EP) from South Korean boy band GOT7, and was released on the 23rd of June, 2014.

The title track was the song “A”, characterising the album with a mellower brand of confidence than the previous album, moving the group’s image away from the confident playboy, whilst retaining a certain cheeky confidence and charisma.

This song also features the first song that a member took part in writing: JB (Im Jaebeom) wrote the lyrics of Bad Behaviour.

Click on the names of the songs to be redirected to a video of them on YouTube. This may be a music video, live performance, or lyric video, depending on what is available.

U Got Me is very reminiscent of songs from the group’s first album, with rap and vocal sections separated by different instrumentation. The song is also driven by repetitive percussion sequences, as in the first album, although this is a much more mellow version, and the synth sounds used behind the vocals are much more pleasing to the ear. That being said, the song is quite repetitive, and the rap lacks emotion, making this song dull and dry. The more emotional vocal sections are few and far between. 2/5 stars.

gifs Ot7 xd or not idek... BYEEEE got7 gifs: got7 still waiting ...

A is the group’s second title track and maintains the confidence and musical roots of the group’s debut, but with a mellower sound that has aged much better than the in-your-face playboy confidence of Girls, Girls Girls. The percussion elements are less in your face, and the song overall is more fun and playful. The flow of the raps is also better in this song and the confidence portrayed can be felt in their voices. It’s also an incredibly addictive song and never fails to put a smile on my face. 3.5/5 stars.

Bad Behaviour has an interesting structure, but is repetitive and underwhelming. The build up of the song is accomplished by increasing how melodic the rap sections are until they become vocal sections, which is both effective and distinctive. The chorus, however, possesses a not-quite beat drop sound that is overwhelmingly underwhelming. The instrumentation is not powerful enough to carry the chorus, and the vocal aspect is too minimalistic and monotonous to add any kind of flavour. The song is also incredibly repetitive. 2/5 stars.

Good Tonight is a song that I can only describe as hip-hop-K-Pop fusion meets High School Musical. As strange as that might sound, it actually works surprisingly well. The rap is catchy and melodic, adding texture to the song, and although the instrumentation is repetitive in places, there is enough variety that the song does not become dull. The more embellished instrumental sections and vocals give the song a sort of Boys Are Back-esque High School Musical vibe, which makes it infinitely more fun. 3/5 stars.

GOT7 "A" M/V GIF | Gfycat

Forever Young is Playground’s more melancholic sister. It too manages to fulfil the role of almost-ballad, whilst retaining a certain flair that keeps the album cohesive and lends the song character. The inclusion of rap in this song makes it more memorable than Playground, without detracting from the pining lyrics. The song is pretty and somewhat emotional, but not interesting or impressive. 3/5 stars.

Overall, this album is more palatable than the group’s first album, and it’s mellower sound has ensured that is has not aged badly, although it is hardly fine wine. This album is perhaps less distinctive than the first album, but the album is more consistently good, and the title track is an endless source of fun. 3 stars.

If you are interested, I have 3 songs downloaded from this album: A, Good Tonight, and Forever Young.

Let me know what you thought of this album and these songs? Do you agree with me?

Happy listening,

Keira x.

P.S. Please remember that my album reviews are subjective. I am far from a music expert, and therefore my critiques are purely based on my own personal preferences in music, as opposed to some knowledge of what makes a good or bad song.

This is part two in a series of reviewing all of GOT7’s Korean albums. You can check out part one (GOT IT?) here!

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