GOT7’S GOT IT? | Album Review

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GOT IT? is GOT7’s debut album. The title track, Girls Girls Girls was released on the 13th of January 2014, and the accompanying mini album (EP) was released on the 20th of January.

The album introduces the group’s initial style: a hip hop-kpop fusion with martial arts tricking at the centre. The group played a confident image, perhaps an exaggerated confidence, the kind that teenage boys have when they try to be cool and sort of succeed.

Looking back on the album, the exaggerated swagger is perhaps best left in 2014 along with the awful hairstyles that accompanied it, but the music itself has slightly more sticking power.

Click on the names of the songs to be redirected to a video of them on YouTube. This may be a music video, live performance, or lyric video, depending on what is available.

Hello is a song of contrasts. It begins with a distinctive, but slightly irritating beat, which comes back during the rap verses. This beat has a certain buzzing element and if you do not mind the sound it would be fine, but I personally find it headache inducing. These repetitive, beeping percussion sections characterise more than one song on this track, but this is perhaps the most painful rendition. These sections are split up by more stripped back, but still percussion-driven, vocal sections, and the honeyed tones of the vocalists provide a safe haven for your ears. Unfortunately, even these sections are not enough to counter the irritation caused by the rap sections, making this song impossible to listen to. 1/5 stars.

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