5 Socially Critical Songs You Should Listen To

Hi everyone! Welcome to a new week and a new theme! Check out my twitter for the announcement of the theme each week. Today I’m going to be talking about songs which have something to say about the state of the world when they were released.

Neck Deep- Happy Judgement Day

Starting off the list, we have a very recent and very political song from 2017. The song connects to me on a personal level and, I think, may well resonate with you as well, talking about how the world feels like it’s going downhill. So much progress has been made in terms of equality and peace, but recent events such as Donald Trump being elected president and BREXIT seem to be taking us a step back. This song addresses those issues and feelings.

BTS- Go Go

BTS is known for writing songs which are both socially conscious and socially critical. Go Go criticises society for creating a situation in which the current generation can only spend their money, thinking “YOLO” because life is difficult and few people can get stable jobs which they enjoy doing. This is, according to the group, a particularly hot topic in South Korea at the moment. The group has also mentioned that people throw around terms like “no regrets” or “YOLO” all the time, and get criticised for it, but no one really stops to think about why those sayings and behaviours have become so popular.

The Black Eyed Peas- Where is The Love?

Going back a little bit older, this song criticises society for focusing on major problems elsewhere in the world but turning a blind eye to the issues the people closer to home are facing. The Black Eyed Peas call the government and society hypocritical for preaching love and peace when they themselves are hateful and violent.

VROMANCE- The Jobless

Even without English subtitles, the first few english words of this song already make it incredibly relatable. This is song about the difficulty of finding a job after university and feeling like everyone around you is getting on with their careers and being successful, whilst you are being left behind.

Emeli Sandé- Read All About It, pt. III

Possibly the most emotionally raw song on this list and perhaps one of the most positive in a way, Read All About It is a powerful and inspiring song about the power of knowledge and speaking your mind about what you believe and how that can change the world.

And that’s it! Do you know any other songs that critique our society?

What did you think of these songs? Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you for reading this post today! I hope you enjoyed and found some new music to listen to! Happy listening, Keira x.

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