Hi! Welcome to my explanation of ratings. Ratings are a super useful way for me to evaluate music and books that I review, but they’re not very useful unless you know what they mean, so here’s a break down of how I rate things!

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Book Ratings

5 STARS: Amazing! One of my new faves.

4 STARS: Great, but not quite a new fave.

3 STARS: Pretty good! Nothing special, but not bad.

2 STARS: Sometimes good, but there were some pretty major things I didn’t like.

1 STARS: I mean, there is probably some redeeming feature?

0 STARS: Basically, I had to finish this book but I wish I didn’t have to.

N/A: I DNF*’d this book. (*DNF= did not finish)

Music Ratings

Okay, so this is a bit more complicated as it depends on whether it’s a song or album rating… so I’m splitting it up.


5: One of my new favourite songs!

4: I love this.

3: Solid song.

2: Some parts weren’t my favourite.

1: Eh… not really for me, but objectively could be good.

0: This is just… not a good song.

N/A: I was somehow unable to bring myself to finish this song.


My overall score is generated from an overage of scores over four main categories: title track, variety, cohesiveness, and my music taste.

Title Track: this is just the score given to (or the average of scores given to) the main promotional song(s) on the album.

Variety: the distinctiveness of songs from each other on the album.

Cohesiveness: how well does the album work as a whole rather than as a collection of individual songs.

My Music Taste: an average score of all the songs on the album, rounded up or down at my discretion.

Variety and cohesiveness are more objective measures, and I try to include an objective perspective in my reviews, but please bare in mind that my reviews are my opinions. I am in no way an expert, nor am I saying what is a good or bad song, I’m simply saying what songs appeal to me the most.