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Hi! I’m so excited that you’re interested in submitting something for me to consider reviewing!

If you’re interested in requesting a review for music, click here to go to the relevant information!

If you’re interested in requesting a review for a book, read on!

Book Review Requests

If you are looking to request a review for your own book, you’re in the right place. If you’re looking to request a review for someone else’s book please refer to my request page

Below is some information on what I will and won’t accept, as well as the procedure for making a request. I have tried to make it as concise as possible, so please bear with me.

What I will accept:

format: .mobi, .PDF AND .EPUB FILES (PREF .MOBI)


I accept a wide range of genres, but to give you some ideas, here are some things I particularly enjoy:

  • fantasy (especially magical realism)
  • literary fiction (especially if it will make me cry)
  • translated works (I’m especially into Japanese literature at the moment)
  • historical fiction (especially gothic, or set in a distinct culture e.g. nordic, asian)
  • romance (for when I need a break)

What I WON’T accept:




  • romanticised rape, domestic violence and/or drug use
  • cheating/adultery
  • statutory rape
  • racism/sexism/homophobia unless called out as wrong
  • incest

Please note that I am not generally a fan of love triangles, dystopian novels or romance novels set in high school, although there are exceptions.


If your book is not the first book in the series, please be prepared to send me the previous books (note: I will need more time to review this book than the time frames below).

If you would like to request a review please contact me at the following email:

and include any expectations you have, and whether you would be open to an interview/guest post in addition to a review. If there is one, it would be useful if you could provide a link to the Goodreads page. I will aim to get back to you within a week.

If I agree to review your book, we can work out a suitable time frame at that point.


Will I definitely review your book?

  • I will always post a review on Goodreads and Amazon UK (if your book is listed on these sites) if I agree to review your book.
  • Reviews on other Amazons are available upon request.

How do guest posts/interviews work

I generally prefer to post guest posts or interviews alongside my reviews. This creates a more engaging experience for my readers and can help you with marketing as well.

  • If you have agreed to be available for a guest post, please provide possible ideas.
  • If you have agreed to an interview, I will provide the questions.
  • If you have agreed to both, please provide possible guest post ideas as I will pick which one I ask for based on how good the ideas vs. any questions I have are.

If I would like for you to do a guest post or interview I will be in contact after reading your book, at which point I will give you more information.

Before your review gets posted, how else can I help you?

You are also welcome to follow me on Twitter, and I will happily retweet any information regarding the book if I enjoy it.

About how I rate and review books:

In my review I will review your book honestly, but unless there was something which particularly angered me in your book, I am generally fairly nice in my reviews and acknowledge when others may have enjoyed the book even if I did not, although my ratings are harsh.

I am very happy to include purchasing links, links to any other promotional offers you have going on and any of your own social media.

I rate books out of 5 (with 0 being the worst) and you can find more information on how I do ratings here

Music Review Requests

If you are looking to request a review for your own music, you’re in the right place. If you’re looking to request a review for someone else’s music please refer to my request page

What I will accept

Format preferences:

  • Music which is or will be available on Spotify.
  • I will consider reviewing music only available on Soundcloud and iTunes on a case-by-case basis.

Types of music:

I will review singles, EPs and full albums of music in any language. I will review explicit tracks, but please note that I generally do not like the use of swear words in songs.

I like most genres, although I do have a preference for pop-rock/soft-rock and R&B based pop. I won’t rule out any genres, but I will mention that I only like some types of rap and EDM.

If you want to take a look at the kind of music I listen you can have a look at reviews that I have already published or have a look at my Spotify. 

If you are interested in requesting a review, please contact me through my email at:

In the initial email please include the following:

  • the genre of the music
  • why you think I will like the music
  • a 10-20 second sample of your song (or a highlight medley if you have one)
  • a link to the iTunes or Spotify page for your song if you have one
  • if you have a specific time frame in which the review must be posted (if so, please allow at least one month between emailing me and the middle of this time frame)
  • if you will be available for an interview or guest post (see the FAQ above the “Music Request” section for details on this)

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