9 of the Best Songs for Summer

Hello everyone! I don’t know about you, but when summer comes around I feel the need to drink lots of lemonade, go on a lot of picnics and make a playlist. Summer has a feeling like no other time of years, so why not have the perfect soundtrack to go with it?

Today I’m going to be talking about 9 of my favourite summery songs. So without further ado, here (in no particular order) they are!


HONEYMOON is the title track off of B.A.P’s 2017 mini album BLUE. It features honey-sweet vocals, a summery beat drop and soothing rap verses. The song has characteristics of many genres, as most of K-Pop does, but most notably has a light-EDM influence, which the group has manipulated excellently.

The song is about finally reaching the end of a hard time, lyrics telling the listener that good times will come after bad times, with lines such as:

“the darkness will end. I feel good, it is true, life is colourful”


“you do just as you thought, whole new day”

With a summery feel and such a positive message, this is a song that you should definitely add to your summer playlist.

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2. Katrina & The Waves- Walking On Sunshine

Walking on Sunshine was first released in this edition for the band’s 1985 self-titled album. It has a fun, upbeat pop-rock sound and is a classic happy song.

The song is about someone who is happy and secure in the love, telling the story of an overwhelming and exciting romance which makes the narrator feel like they’re “walking on sunshine” with lyrics such as:

“I just can’t wait till the day when you knock on the door” 

With such a happy meaning and a catchy chorus, you will be singing along to this song even when it’s not playing!

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3. A.C.E- Take Me Higher

Take Me Higher is the title track of A.C.E’s 2018 repackage mini album A.C.E Adventures in Wonderland. The song pairs sweet vocals and soft rapping with a playful  instrumentation to create a catchy, happy and unique summer song. It has a fun pop sound with some R&B influences.

The song is directed to the group’s fans with lines like “choice is my life” referring directly to their fandom. It asks for the continued support of the group’s fans and their loved ones and expresses how completely in love with and dedicated to their job the members are. It also has a more simple meaning, describing the world of a man who has fallen in love.

The simple yet sweet goodness of this track and the innocent and sincere lyrics make this a must-have song for your summer playlist.

Liked this song? Listen to it on Spotify and check out my album review.

4. Shawn Mendes- Lost In Japan

Lost In Japan was first released in March 2018 as the second lead single from Shawn Mendes’ 2018 self-titled album. It combines funk, pop and R&B genres in a skilful and pleasing way.

In the song, Shawn Mendes talks about his desire to visit a could-be lover in Japan, lyrics showing just how much the narrator wants to see this person with whom they have “more than just a friendship” with lines such as:

“I’m a couple hundred miles from Japan, and I, I was thinking I could fly to your hotel tonight” .

Mendes has successfully created a slightly sultry but tasteful song, perfect for those warm summer nights, either by yourself or (if you have a more active love life than me) with your partner.

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5. DAY6- Feeling Good

Feeling Good is a b-track off of DAY6’s 2018 mini album Shoot Me: Youth Part 1 and features the group’s preferred soft pop-rock sound with bright vocals and a fun instrumentation which creates a happy and fast-paced, yet relaxed song.

The song can be essentially taken at face value, simply a proclamation of how the members are “feeling good” and are having the time of their lives.

Embodying what everyone desires their summer to be: cool, effortless and full of excitement, Feeling Good is the perfect song for taking a drive, having a party with friends or even sitting on your bed and doing nothing.

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6. Owl City- Not All Heroes Wear Capes

There’s no acoustic version needed for Owl City’s 2017 single Not All Heroes Wear Capes. In this ode to the narrator’s amazing dad, a simple instrumentation accompanied by a sweet and sincere voice create a calm and soft summer song.

Listening to this song made me hope that my future children can love their dad this much (and indeed all children) and that all dads could be worthy of this much love.

The lyrics make us all want to go and tell our dad’s how much we love them and, this song makes a little emotional every time I hear it with lines like

“He doesn’t fight crime or wear a cape, he doesn’t read minds or levitate, but every time my world needs saving, he’s my Superman”.

So listen to this song with your dad, with you dad’s dad, with your friend’s dad or even your neighbour’s dad and take Adam Young’s initiative°: tell your dad, or someone important in your life, how much you respect and appreciate them.

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7. SEVENTEEN- Don’t Wanna Cry

Don’t Wanna Cry is the title track off of SEVENTEEN’s 2017 mini album Al1 and features a soft EDM-pop sound and is probably the saddest of the songs on this list.

The song shows the members expressing their longing and sad emotions at the end of a relationship, asking questions like “Did you leave because you got sick of me?”

However, the song seems almost uplifting despite its sad nature and the skills of the group really shine.

With a sad, bittersweet song, this chill EDM song is perfect for comforting you when you feel a little bit down this summer.

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SHUT UP + DANCE is WALK THE MOON’s biggest single to date off of their 2014 album Talking Is Hard. It has a dance-rock sound and is a general feel-good party song.

The song is full of confidence and fun, saying “Oh don’t you dare look book, just keep your eyes on me”, making it a perfect song to dance to, regardless of whether you dance worse than a dad or not.

Fun, carefree and very catchy, it’s the perfect summer party song!

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9. ONF- Complete

Complete is the title track off of ONF’s 2018 mini album You Complete Me and features a catchy chorus, a chill yet upbeat sound and a fun beat drop.

The song is a typical, fun love song, singing “you complete me, each piece of my dream is you, you complete me, I’m dizzy please hold me” and capturing an infectious, youthful romantic spirit.

A sweet, youthful and fun song, it’s perfect for the summer and I guarantee it will get stuck in your head… the twist is that you actually want it there and won’t find yourself doing everything you can to get it out!

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Summer 2018 playlist cover (toy yellow bus on beach)
Did you like my selections? Be sure to check out the whole playlist for more great summer songs. 

Had you heard of these songs before? Were some of your favourites there or did you discover some new gems?

What summery songs would you recommend? Let me know in the comments!

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